Hermle 261-080 is an FHS Hermle Clock Movement that has a plate size measuring 87 x 87 mm and a hand shaft length that measures 33 mm. This is an 8 movement with 1/2 hour bell strike, weight /chain driven, pendulum regulated, deadbeat escape, and 1 hammer at top of the movement (chains included). This movement has a 55 cm long pendulum. This movement fits clocks with 23cm, 31cm and 45cm gearing.
Clockworks for Emperor, Howard Miller, Hermle, Sligh, Ridgeway, Seth Thomas, Pearl, King Arthur and many popular manufacturers.  261-080/23, 31, 45

Part # 261-080
33.2mm Hand shaft
Plate size: 87 x 87 mm
1 Hammer Top Bell
Bell Strike
Chain Driven
Factory Oiled
Made in Germany
3-year Manufacturer Guarantee
Free Shipping in the Contiguous United States