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Adjusting the hour strike

The clock shows one time but the strike tells another. This can happen when there is a time change. If the hour count is not in sync with the time displayed, it is easy to correct.

Step one is to advance the minute hand until the clock chimes. Count the number of times the clock strikes. Let's say in this example the clock strikes four times.

The clock struck four times, but the clock is showing
three o'clock. So we take hold of the hour hand,

And move it to the four o'clock position.

The hour hand now is correct. The clock just struck four o'clock and the clock is showing four o'clock.

The clock is now working correctly, but it shows the wrong time. We just need to set the clock. Always set the time by using the minute hand. If the clock stops and you need to re-set it, you should never move the hour hand to the set the clock to the correct hour.

So to set the clock to the correct time, always take the minute hand and move it around however many times it takes to get the clock to the correct time.

If you have done everything just as described. above, the clock will now be showing the correct time, and striking the correct number. And remember, you never want to use the hour Hand (the short hand) to set the time.